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Open letters from the coaches and director of the Post 28 Baseball program for 2017 season


From Post 28 Athletic Director:


American Legion baseball teams are formed in hometowns throughout the country.  Baseball players from several high schools converge into one Legion team for the summer.  It is not professional baseball, but it is the best well organized high level community based baseball around.  Area Legion baseball started when the Textile Leagues were King in the South and grew when Duncan Park was home to minor league teams - the Peaches and Phillies.  Spartanburg Post 28 is the longest playing baseball team in Duncan Park and still calls the stadium home.  Fans in Spartanburg, Inman, Greer, Union and Gaffney take hometown pride in their Legion teams and support them all the way.  The Legion season is fast approaching and town rivalry will play out on baseball diamonds throughout South Carolina and the Nation.  Many citizens who may be irritable that we don’t have a professional team to support and pull for should take notice of South Carolina American Legion League VI.  Check the schedule (out soon) and make your plans to support your hometown team.  Spartanburg is looking for ball players who are willing to commit 100% to playing baseball and being part of something much larger than themselves.  Each team will play a minimum of 16 games (Senior team plays 9 innings and Junior team plays 7 innings) during the regular season (May 18th - July 04), 3-10 games during playoffs (Jul 05-15), 2-6 games at State/Regional/World Series (Jul 23-Aug 16).  Only 18 players can be rostered per team.  This is a lot of baseball in just a short time.  Only a committed team pulling in the same direction will be successful.  The Code of Sportsmanship will be repeated by competing teams before each game, without exception.


We are a nonprofit organization.  The American Legion covers the costs for baseball players 13 to 19 years of age to play the game.  This is made possible through our many generous contributors.  I urge you to take into consideration our efforts to field both Junior and Senior winning teams this year and to renew your support for Post 28’s Baseball Program.  Please find the time this year to support the teams by attending a game, contributing your valuable time or making a monetary donation.  The Post will need its Legionnaires to help down at the ball field during home games to run the concession stand, sell tickets at the gate, run the scoreboard, be an announcer or help in general to setup for the evening.  We will be publishing a 2016 Baseball Program and selling space in it for people to show support or advertise their business. 



John J. Barron



From Junior Head Coach:


American Legion Baseball is an experience of a lifetime.  It is all about - God and Country.  We are looking for the best players available that want to be part of something this summer greater than themselves. I'm excited to get another season of Post 28 Baseball under way. This is a first class organization with excellent support. I hope that you give us a chance this year. We play highly competitive baseball. The experience that you will have this summer will last a life time. You will experience more than just wins and losses. Great friends and a lifetime of memories await you this summer. See you at tryouts.



Blake Burress



From Senior Team Head Coach:


American Legion baseball is the greatest stepping stone for preparing any player looking to play at the next level after high school or for a player just looking to experience what it's like to play 9 inning games at a major league or collegiate pace. I have been tasked to coach the players of Post 28 for improvement on their game while encouraging them to be responsible and contributing citizens for our community. I will admire and respect the players for who they are physically, mentally, and emotionally while coaching them to be the best they can be with the talent they were given. I have to show enough enthusiasm each day to lift the players and coaches around me to their peak levels.  Each player should walk away from every game and practice feeling they have improved in some way and have a better understanding of the game. I have to show our players by example to have respect for themselves, the officials, the uniform they wear, and the people who come to watch the game they have grown to love.  Post 28 will play as a family and we won’t let our family down. I will strive to build a team filled with camaraderie and respect for one another as comrades-in-arms. We don't have superstars on Post 28.  We have leaders. It’s my job to show them how to be leaders and to put the team before themselves. If I can successfully build a team of leaders that want to see the rest of the team at the same level as they are or better, that's when we become a winning program. Lastly, I will be honest with the players and parents. Players need to know what they need to develop, improve upon and how to go about doing that. Honesty can sting but a positive outlook into the future can help ease that pain. I look forward to this season and to building a successful program for years to come. I was lucky enough to play and learn from what I feel are some of the best coaches Post 28 ever had. Tim Wallace, John Doherty and Bubba Dorman all helped to shape me into the player and coach I am today. American Legion Baseball has a long history and anyone that's a part of it should be as proud and honored to do so as I am.


Thank You,

Micah Stancil