South Carolina

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 November 2021 Message:                       

                        We’re seeing our weekly radio net growing with popularity! Our 2 hour operating time each Thursday began receiving an average of 20 contacts. Recent communications have grown to average 30 to 35 contacts with our 2 hour operation.
                         Many of our contacts are radio operators that call in regularly on the Mt. Mitchell, NC Repeater – ‘N2GE-R’ with first time contacts that include several on SSB radio. Each contact we recognize as a ‘First Time’ receives our HAM Radio QSL Card to thank them for making contact with us & ask them to contact their local American Legion in their area to report their contact with us.
                       Our contact in Six Mile, SC was talking with other HAM radio operators about the popularity American Legion radio has become. He had researched TALARC & learned about us, thanks to our contacts with him several times.
                        We start making contacts at 10:30 AM & close our radios down at 12:30 PM each Thursday. We encourage you (with or without a HAM Radio License) to consider joining us in our Radio Shack. You will be welcomed to make these radio contacts with us.
                       Calvin Bridges – KJ4HGT for KN4YQL.  


                    Since we started our weekly Radio Communications at American Legion post 28, on 8/6/2020 we have made 158 ‘First Time Contacts’. These are the contacts we have sent out our QSL cards to in response to thank these Radio Operators for contacting us. With these contacts, we have connected with 17 American Legion post. Most of our successful contacts have been accomplished with the Mt. Mitchell, NC Repeater – N2GE-R, sometimes with this repeater station & use of Echo-Link, (a Computer Internet Service).

                    Gradually, we have become successful using our Single Side Band Radio, succeeding with no less than 17 contacts, to include our American Legion National, K9TAL in Indianapolis, IN.  

                    One of our Radio Operator Volunteers is interested with getting Digital Communications working at our station. This is linking a Lap Top Computer to our SSB Radio & using a Digital Code Program to make contacts with other HAM Radio Operators communicating Digitally.

                    Our weekly operating hours are on Thursdays, 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. We are in need for more HAM Radio Operators & people who are interested in taking their HAM Radio Test to become involved with The American Legion Amateur Radio Club (TALARC) here at post 28.   

                                                Calvin Bridges – KJ4HGT