South Carolina

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Current Officers, Committee Chairs, and key staff (2021-22)

Executive Board (Elected Offices)

Commander                           Carroll Owings
1st Vice Commander              John J Barron
2nd Vice Commander             Robert Greene
Adjutant                                 David Ford
Finance Officer                       Tollie Ross/Jim Harbison
Sgt At Arms                            Robert Greene
Historian                                 Ed Hall
Chaplan                                  Ben Lineberry
Service Officer                         Charles Landen
Legion Baseball Director          John J Barron

Librarian                                 Ed Hall

Table Top War Games             Ben Lineberry

Commemorative Walk             Ed Hall


Boys State Director                 
Public Affairs Officer              
Facilities Manager                  Jim Harbison
Flying Things Director            Ed Hall
Food Services                         Michael Fowler
Honor Guard Cmndr               Jim Harbison
Judge Advocate                      Dwight   Patterson
Jr. Shooters Director               
Newsletter Editor                    
Oratorical Director                  David Ford
Recording Secretary                Joanne Greene
School/ROTC Awards              
Social Director                        Tom Larson
Spartanburg Hero Awards       Carroll Owings
WEB Master                             John J Barron 

Facilities Staff

Office - Monday                    

Office - Tuesday                   

Office - Wednesday               David Fuller 
Office - Thursday                  Jack Carroll
Office - Friday                      


Auxiliary President             Marilyn Sonn

Auxiliary Vice President      Joanne Greene            
Legion Riders                     Tommy Ford
District 5 Cmdr                  Jack Smith Post 48

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The commanders and adjutants document was originally from the beginning through1972.  A second part has been added that picks up from 2008 through the present.  As more names are identified this document will be updated with the missing dates of service.